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Image of Valino Tires VR08GP 200TW

Valino Tires VR08GP 200TW

$176.00 - $207.00

PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU BUY! These tires are more focused on Super Lap, and are for ultimate grip.
- No coupons needed this year
- LOCAL PICKUP ONLY. If you order a set of these and are not going to pick them up from my warehouse, I will cancel the order.
-This is for the Ebisu Matsuri Tire Drift in various sizes. These are non DOT approved, track only tires.

Welcome to the Valino Tires x Whiskey Garage colab.

When I order these I need to order 24 at a time to get the shipping discount I am passing to you. I will not put in the orders until I have 24 tires minimum to get shipped. Once they arrive I will make a post letting you know you can come pick yours up from my warehouse.

Retail prices shown are shipped to Albuquerque, NM.

The VR08GP is VALINO's first track tire available. Through numerous R&D testing for over 2 years, VALINO's secret test drivers have willingly approved of this fast, reliable DOT sport tire. The VR08GP's 200TW Racing Compound will not only get you to the finish line faster, but will also let you enjoy enriched corner control and dedicated grip. All while being kind to your wallet. What more could you ask for? VALINO VR08GP

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