No Coast Drift Party 9 Mini VIP spectator pack! (Limit 20)

$90.00 - On Sale

This pack includes:
- 3 day spectator event entry ($30 value)
- Limited edition pink in on white t-shirt event shirt ($25 value)
- Regular edition color tan ink on black t-shirt ($20 value)
- Limited edition pink trucker hat ($25 value)
- Lanyard ($10 Value)
- Event sticker pack ($15 Value)

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I don't make much money off of these events, never have, never will. The proceeds from these packages go towards making NCDP better, bringing in guest drivers and personalities and all around helping to make our events rad.

If you need this stuff shipped and don't plan to attend NCDP 9, get a hold of me before you order. Shipping will be approx $20 and will be shipped just before the event.