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Image of NCDP 14 Power spot reservations

NCDP 14 Power spot reservations

$100.00 - Sold out

Spots along the power fence will have a reservation fee from now on. After dealing with what happened last year, I don't want to deal with people rolling up on monday, and claiming half the pit area. NO ROLL IN MON, TUES, WEDS.

Certain states have pre ordered spots as a group, if in the future you have 10 or more spots needed, we can have a conversation.

These are limited and will go fast. If you are not reserved, I will make you pack up and move. Each spot is 100 bucks, and there are currently 22 spots open.

- Each spot is numbered and will be approximately 20x45, so 2 spots will be 40x45
- If you have a bigger rig / setup than 45 feet, you will want to get 2-3 spots
- There is only one of each number, so if you need to book them next to each other, just add them to cart
- I will update the graphic with names

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