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Image of NCDP 11 "Asahi" T-Shirt PRE-ORDER

NCDP 11 "Asahi" T-Shirt PRE-ORDER

$25.00 - $30.00 - Sold out

Since my good Japanese friend is coming over for the ol' drift party this year, I figured I would rip off one of my favorite adult beverages from Japan.

Cut off for pre-orders will be Aug. 1st 2021 so I have time to make them.

These will be printed on a higher quality blank (than my normal shirts) in light grey to mimic the smooth silvery can that Asahi comes in. Please keep in mind THESE ARE PRE ORDER ONLY, and can only be picked up at the event. These will not be shipped, nor sold at NCDP 11.

See you all soon,

<3 Dan

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